This post may trigger the weight from your wounds.


I love feeling the response I have from energy while sitting quietly in my mediation bubble.

I love to feel the tingling, the expansion, my awareness meeting an intelligent system that is so willing to meet me, my heart opening, my heart releasing and my heart receiving.

Sometimes the visions from this receiving feel like I’ve just had some crazy hallucinogenic. I feel so alive when I plug myself in with this practice.

I’ve had a brewing inside to share another program digitally (Cause I have a few up my sleeve) and while sitting in my meditation I asked my guides and higher self the question of what to share. I was shown this vision.

I’ve done my best to put a simple graphics together to capture my vision and its essence.

There are universal laws and a science to balance. The pic of the scales and weight imbalance hints the earth is faltering because it carries people’s sadness.

Mother earth sure holds it together and she’s remarkably tough but she hurts deeply from carrying all her sad children.

My vision came with a message that we are on this earth to work through our master plan. Our master plan is designed with our core wound or lesson and we are constantly given the opportunity to heal that core wound.

We are given opportunities to heal the weight from our wounds through other people, through our relationships with friends, family or romantic partners. Our childhood experiences, our experiences in our workplace are all tied into continually being presented with opportunities to heal that core wound.

The sooner we get it sorted through the detailed web of connection, the sooner we get off that wounded cycle.

Our fast world disconnects us from ourselves and rather than heal our core wound our separation causes it to be buried even further.

Technology and progression is getting faster, quicker, more stressful, more expectations, more pressure and quick fix solutions of popping pills and antidepressants are on the rise.

This is why “U got the love” meditations was given to me, to help with putting the earth and people back into balance.

They hold the power to help heal these core wounds that we humans are carrying. We are given free will to choose and we can choose to change the path from our wounds or continue on that passage.

I was left quiet emotional after this meditation and message.

How privileged am I to have been given this special gift to help others in such a life changing way.

To help myself and people return to that magical space of love that is the brightest of illuminated lights that keeps everything flowing. Bathing in our inner brightness of love flow puts everything in order if we allow it.

That said I will leave you with this little excerpt I whipped up for one of my social media posts. I thought it was so fitting.

Remember when you felt embraced and supported like never before?

Remember when you felt loved beyond any love you have ever felt?

Remember when you knew you were so powerful just by being you?

Remember when you had belief in yourself?

Remember when you had such love for yourself?

Remember when you felt so connected to everyone and everything on the planet?

Remember when you knew your unique imprint was exactly what the world needed?

Remember when you had the knowing you were capable of anything?

Remember when you knew you were never alone?

Remember me! Message from your soul.


U got the LOVE my friends


Love Nadia







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