Initially I shared this on my social media and wanted to share it here too..

I caught the last bit of last nights sunset and this tiny snippet really gives it no justice…

I’ve always been a nature LOVER and find sunsets so magical. A beautiful gift from Nature!

When I sit in stillness and meditation I feel nature reaches out to me.

I can describe it as our energies almost meeting, where there is no definition between where nature stops and I start.

I think about how perfect nature is and how she is constantly communicating her greatness to us, almost guiding us to mirror her intelligence.

Encouraging us to trust in ourselves as she does. She reveals herself unapologetically, whether it be how she shows up as a beautiful blooming flower or an angry hurricane.

Encouraging us to release and purge what we have building up inside of us, just as she releases and purges.

Encouraging us to accept and flow with our ups and downs, just as she flows in her own intelligent cycles.

Encouraging us to shine brilliantly and serve others but to also rest, heal and restore our energy to serve again and share from a restored space.

Encouraging us to reveal our truth and be ourselves without fear of judgement just as she does.

Ancient cultures are so divinely in tune with nature’s intelligence and all she has to offer. Our western world is slowly beginning to become aware and rise up to embrace her healing and what nature has to offer too.

When you are next in Nature, listen and feel what she is wanting to share with you!


May you all know how SACRED you are

Love Nadia







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