My Sacred Meditations


"U Got the love" Meditation Series

This meditation series is BOLD and AWAKENING.

We’re all vibration, there is vibration and frequency in music. Solfeggio frequencies are known to balance energy of mind, body and spirit. Incorporated softly in the music of this series is the solfeggio frequency of love. 528hz is DNA Healing, The solfeggio frequency 528 hz is identified as the ‘miracle’ tone. Whilst your conscious and subconscious mind absorb the meditations, the gentle music is also working its magic in the background

So fitting for this meditation series!!.

This course consists of six individual digital mp3 meditations. Each with different topics. You will also receive a postcard capturing the essence of each meditation topic.
I recommend you follow this course in its order and journal what is revealed to you with each meditation.

These meditations gently remind you to connect to the truest part of you, which is love.
Love is the true guiding force behind everything on our planet.

The subsequent meditations encourage you to gently shed layers that keep you trapped and heavy.

In this sacred meditation course, you will unite with loving life force energy, guiding you to accept yourself, embrace your uniqueness and  show gratitude for your beautiful body, the temple that works so hard for you. You will awaken to be free to reveal your true unique self to shine your light in the world.

In the years I have been teaching my courses to my students I’ve loved incorporating something very special. Using my innate gifts, I connect and send healing energy to all in my groups. Energy is transferable and not time specific. This is why I have infused these meditations with healing reiki energy and willingly give you this very special gift.

Choose you, do the work and reap the rewards.

The beauty is you can always revisit these meditations at your convenience, accessing them to keep you on your deserving path of self love.




"U got the LOVE" Bundle

This series includes six individual mp3 meditations for you to download.

Each Meditation begins with the same format where you relax into the natural flow of energy available to us.


Meditation 1. You are LOVE, you have just forgotten.  20.10 mins

Meditation 2. Forgiveness.  20.30 mins

Meditation 3. Acceptance.  19.37 mins

Meditation 4. Your LIGHT, Your self worth.  20.43 mins

Meditation 5. Your uniqueness.  16.52 mins

Meditation 6. Give thanks for your beautiful body.  26.47 mins

With my help you will be guided into a peaceful, calm place where you are able to meet your sacred powerful self.

Each meditation has its own beautiful little descriptive PDF postcard .

I love what I do so much and have seen the great benefits this guided course brings however you have a job too, commit to yourself and do the work.

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