The EFFECT from my CAUSE

I shared this initially on social media and wanted to share it here. It is the second post from a series which I posted as a trilogy.

One of the universal laws is the ‘law of cause and effect’ From every cause there is an effect, my sacred sessions is the effect of my story.

So what is it?

What is ‘my sacred sessions’?

My sacred sessions is a movement of self awareness through guided meditation. People often say to me ‘I can’t meditate’ I say ‘Yes, You can’

Meditation doesn’t have to mean you totally zen out actually it is quite the opposite. You totally ZEN ‘IN’

With my gentle guidance your nervous system rests and restores as you let go of stress, your mind changes pace and your subconscious is re programmed.

Your meditation journey is yours, to go to your peaceful place however your mind and body decide to take you there. I’m guiding you however your experience is yours.

I’ve shared this journey with many people who have trusted me and it’s so freakingggg amazing to help, inspire and uplift others in this way.

I’ve been told ‘you have such strength’ my experiences have brought me here and I rise in strength when I’m sharing my truth.

There was a time when I was far from strong, where I was crying and crawling desperately through the lowest of lows. I still struggle, even with my knowledge and wisdom. In these moments I allow myself to feel and move through the process, meditate and make a conscious choice to shift gear.

So how do you get there?

Everything starts with us and our choices, we are strange creatures and often seek validation from others.

Understanding the validation we seek is LOVE.

Forgiving, accepting, loving ourselves and our bodies, not for how we look but for who we are and what our precious body actually does for us is a start.

Moving through layers that keep our true selves hidden because we are afraid to reach our brightest most beautiful spark of light that is here to shine.

My awareness and intuition guided me to create a meditation series on this topic.

I aptly named it “U GOT THE LOVE” and yep it packs a mighty fine punch






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