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We all have our unique stories and mine may awaken something important in yours. My story has definitely put me on a healing path. It’s taken time to understand that I am an empath and intuitive. I started meditating in my early 20’s and was drawn to all things spiritual, which led me to study various healing modalities. It is ‘normal’ for me to understand and tap into what people around me are feeling. Some years ago I was hit with serious illness where my mortality was in question followed by a double whammy of deep grief, my life spiraled in a downward direction, and I totally lost myself.

It was here that, as the Sufi mystic Rumi quotes


THE JOURNEY, In 2007 I was diagnosed with a tumor on my pancreas, I was told all sorts of horrible frightening things about my prognosis,

THE VERDICT, I was to have my spleen, one of my kidneys and part of my pancreas removed. WHAT !!!! I felt like I was watching a horror movie and I was the main actor. I spent months in hospital, I dug deep and responded to this in my own way. I created a sacred space in my own thoughts and meditated every moment I could. My earlier years of spiritual inquisitiveness served a bigger purpose. I used creative visualization techniques and visualized divine healing white light entering my crown and through my body into my organs. I was so disciplined with this practice, I began to identify with the mass that had grown inside me. I would send it light and ask it to leave, pushing it out of my body with my visualizations and meditations. Prior to my epic surgery, I entertained my surgeon (gauging by his giggle and reaction) by asking him not to say any negative words about my body or organs while I was in surgery. He willingly agreed to my unusual request. (I’M SURE HE THOUGHT HE WAS DEALING WITH A FRUIT LOOP!) The reason behind this was I didn’t want my subconscious mind hearing any negative words about my body.

THE OUTCOME! My surgeon came to me in tears after my procedure, reporting “I don’t know what you’ve done but you’re a miracle. You have all your organs and your outcome was not what we believed. I realized, the powerhouse I was and the strength I had in my moment of not having anywhere else to go but within. I surrendered with complete trust. I manifested and I chose LIFE…..

My physical and emotional healing took some time. From this traumatic experience I suffered PTSD and just as I began to make my come back I was struck down again. My best friend and soul sister passed away suddenly. This certainly took its toll on me. If this were not enough I then experienced soul destroying grief when the man I loved, who I thought was my forever also passed away. This was “it” for me. My life became the darkest, blackest cloud. I spiraled into deep disconnection and depression and my only thoughts were how I was to end my life. I shut out life and seemingly life gave me the same in return. I was living a nightmare, in the LONELIEST most ISOLATED place. Nothing mattered to me anymore. How could this happen? Only four years prior I fought so hard to live and now all I wanted to do was die!!!!!

This is how MY SACRED SESSIONS emerged. In a moment of sheer desperation I called out and cried “What am I to do” This is when I received a message. “Share your wisdom through guided meditation”  Remember how I said I was an empath and intuitive. Prior to my nightmare, people would come to me to have intuitive healings. I would use the various healing modalities I was taught, as well as using my own innate gifts to send healing to them. I began to think how important it was for each of us to understand how powerful we all are, how we are all our own healers and powerholders so after hearing my message I miraculously began to intuitively write and created various meditations, self awareness and visualization courses. This is how I began to reconnect, heal and return home to love. I began to light up others and my own light began to resurface. I embraced my mission and message of how all this trauma, death and grief was my awakening to fully embrace LIFE. To fully embrace JOY, to fully connect NOW. To be GENTLE on myself, ACCEPT, FORGIVE and LOVE myself. We know this but do we really embody it. I had two choices, to disappear in despair or to rise. I CHOSE TO RISE.

The meaning behind my name is “HOPE”, perhaps this had something to do with my choice!

This is what I wish to share with you from the deepest part of my heart and knowing.

Beautiful souls, be seen, we all matter….


Love Nadia

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