My Sacred Meditations


Casual Weekly Meditation & Healing class

I created this casual online class because my inner guidance has spoken. Our energy speaks and the universe responds to what we are feeling and projecting.

Weekly casual class is offered each Monday evening at 7.30pm AEST.

Purchase your casual class each week between Tuesday and Saturday to be sent a link to join your Live Monday night class.

This casual weekly meditation is here for you to spend time on you, restore, relax and expand your energy. Create space in your body for ease and calm to flow and just like that magic begins to happen. You know there’s more to you, that’s why your soul led you here.

Join me, purchase by clicking the buy me here button and you will be sent a link to join.

See you on the inside.

A Meditation for Loneliness


At times we all feel Lonely or Alone.

When lonely energy gains momentum it pulls us further away from our feelings of connection.

This short meditation is a reminder to return to a clearer, empowered space. Re uniting with radiant feelings.

Re-calibrating your thoughts and following what feels good is a great place to start in the return journey back to yourself.

Choose you, See you on the inside.

"U got the LOVE" Meditation Series

This series includes six individual mp3 meditations for you to download.

Each Meditation begins with the same format where you relax into the natural flow of energy available to us.

Meditation 1. You are LOVE, you have just forgotten.  20.10 mins

Meditation 2. Forgiveness.  20.30 mins

Meditation 3. Acceptance.  19.37 mins

Meditation 4. Your LIGHT, Your self worth.  20.43 mins

Meditation 5. Your uniqueness.  16.52 mins

Meditation 6. Give thanks for your beautiful body.  26.47 mins

Each meditation has its own beautiful little descriptive PDF postcard .

With my help you will be guided into a peaceful, calm place where you are able to meet your sacred powerful self.

I love what I do so much and have seen the great benefits this guided course brings however you have a job too, commit to yourself and gently allow your truth to find its voice.


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