Our body is so intelligent we really don’t give it enough credit. It is very rare for us to identify with its perfection and receptive healing ability.

Ideally we do our best to eat healthy nutritious foods and exercise. So how about our emotions? Do we stop and think how they affect our body?

Well let me tell you our body is constantly giving us signs when it’s in need of our attention.

During the time I was dealing with my own illness, (read my story here) I spent months in hospital and seemed to befriend quite a few people. I found other patients opening up to me and revealing their personal story to me. (This by the way is not unusual for me) My spiritual awareness and knowledge would automatically identify with their emotional block and why it was affecting them with their specific health issue.

Common emotions that seemed to stand out among patients were emotions of sadness, loneliness and struggle. Obviously we experience all sorts of obstacles and emotions throughout our life journey. At times we hang on to these denser emotions and our body bears this weight.

So back to the chakras! As each chakra governs a particular area of our body and looks after the organs within that area. Depending on our emotional issue the organs within that area may then be compromised. Also one of the reasons I encountered my own health issues….

This is why meditation is so beneficial, almost like getting your car maintained regularly to make sure it continues to function well. Meditation brings self awareness and acts as regular maintenance for your mind and body.

Keeping your mind and body healthy and balanced starts with choice. Keeping your stress levels under control, practicing self care, self love and being grateful, saying thank you to your body for everything it does for you is a good start!!

May you always know how SACRED you are,

Love Nadia










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