About Last Night

Initially I shared this on my social media and wanted to share it here too..I caught the last bit of last nights sunset and this tiny snippet really gives it no justice...I've always been a nature LOVER and find sunsets so magical. A beautiful gift from Nature!When I...

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The EFFECT from my CAUSE

The EFFECT from my CAUSE I shared this initially on social media and wanted to share it here. It is the second post from a series which I posted as a trilogy. One of the universal laws is the 'law of cause and effect' From every cause there is an effect, my sacred...

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DEAR LOVE - love over fear Are you ready to invite deeper love and meaningful connections into your life? Moving through life with an open heart is tricky. We may realize our programming and experiences cause us to slowly build barriers around our open hearts. We are...

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EMOTIONS, DO THEY MAKE US SICK? Our body is so intelligent we really don’t give it enough credit. It is very rare for us to identify with its perfection and receptive healing ability. Ideally we do our best to eat healthy nutritious foods and exercise. So how about...

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CHAKRAS for beginners..

WHAT ARE CHAKRAS? Starting from the beginning and keeping things simple is often missed. So simply, we are so much more than our physical bodies. The universe is made of energy and so are we. Ancient cultures have been aware of our chakras and energy system for years....

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