DEAR LOVE – love over fear

Are you ready to invite deeper love and meaningful connections into your life?

Moving through life with an open heart is tricky.

We may realize our programming and experiences cause us to slowly build barriers around our open hearts.

We are born open therefore willing to give and receive love and along our journey we are called to remember and re unite with this deep, liberating part of ourselves.

Crazily, we shut off to what is essentially the essence of what we all crave!!!

We crave this connection to LOVE and search for it in others because again it’s part of our innate essence.

It holds us up when we are falling, it holds us up when we are fighting, it holds us up in our times of loneliness, it holds us up when we are hiding and it is our fuel to LIFE.

We crave to be saturated in it, bathed and illuminated in it!

So why is it so damn hard to live in an opening of love?

Why is it we move forward with our barricades, barriers and judgements?

Are we afraid to really reveal our truest selves to the world because we don’t trust that we are good enough to be seen?

Are we afraid to really reveal ourselves for fear we will not be met with what we are giving?

Are we afraid to really reveal ourselves because we are frightened to trust life?

Really what the heck are we actually fearing??? Is it Happiness? Joy? Health? Vitality? LOVE? LIFE????

Opening up to the flow of love is trusting in LIFE and it’s intelligence. Claiming we are good enough because we are born from the seed of love.

Trusting to be an OPENING to receive all that life freely and abundantly wants to provide for us because we are one with LOVE.

Dear Love, I invite you to saturate me, bath me and illuminate me.


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May you all know how SACRED you are

Love Nadia

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