One of my favourite archangels is the Mighty Archangel Michael.


He is known as a protector.

As a mystic, healer and intuitive, I have always been drawn to the non-denominational light and love of the angelic realm.

(So much so, I created an angelic meditation series, using their assistance for guidance)

I call upon their essence often and can feel their energy step in immediately once they are summoned.

I recall many years ago when I was traveling to South America on holiday, I began to feel slightly unsettled about my safety.

Relaxing into the lengthy flight. I began to meditate, invoking Archangel Michael.

Normally I connect with their energy through feeling and knowing, these are known as clairsentience and claircognizance.

Deepening into my meditation and connection with Archangel Michael, I expressed my concerns for my safety to this being of light.


In unison I felt an illuminated divine glow and super sharp shot of heat beaming like a laser in my heart and the words ‘YOU ARE SAFE’ in the loudest, grandest voice.

It caught me so off guard it caused me to jolt suddenly as I opened my eyes startled at this clear message.

It was a first for me to hear the divine light beings’ message so clearly with my human hearing rather than my spiritual senses.

The message left me with the innate knowing all would be well on my travels through South America.


The angelic realm is constantly available to us.

Requesting support with a simple invocation will bring angels and archangels to your side immediately.


Use this simple invocation.


I call upon the mighty Archangel Michael, please come to my aid for………?

Help me claim my angelic wings to soar above all fear, limitations and attachments.

Illuminate and clear my path allowing me to walk with strength, courage and clarity.

Thank you and so it is.


Love Nadia






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