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Hi, I’m Nadia Ciri, My sacred sessions self awareness meditations emerged from the depths of my heart. What began as part of my healing journey from illness and deep grief transformed to an awakening to help others.

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“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us.


Our ultimate goal is to live with an open heart and ground our highest divine attributes into our human existence.

Sometimes in life we walk around  disconnected, buried, remaining on a path where we are not completely present or fulfilled. Wanting to find a way back from our difficulty, returning to happier place. We look for external validation and we turn into someone we think we should be,  slowly losing ourselves, our passion and our worth.

 We innately know there is more. More peace, more happiness, more joy, more fulfillment, vibrant health, less stress, less struggle but we seem to have that stress and struggle button constantly pressing play and repeat.

Does this sound familiar?

By loving, accepting and claiming ourselves without apology, we are all at our most powerful in every way. I am a mystic, healer and intuitive and have been coaching and sharing my self awareness meditations for some time now. My words carry a vibration of healing to radiate and awaken you to your true nature.  I love being involved in my tribe’s transformative journey, it is such a rewarding experience being a part of significant positive change for people.

I have created several meditation courses each capturing different themes.

Right now, I am so excited to offer this series called “U GOT THE LOVE.”

This meditation series is supportive, insightful, gives guidance and healing.

Are you ready to choose LOVE over FEAR?

Love is in us all so let me help you return to your authentic, magnetic, highest divine self!


Allow your truth to find its voice

What People Are Saying

“I’ve been attending Nadia’s meditation courses for over four years. Initially wanting help with stress levels. Recently suffering severe trauma and very intense anxiety, Nadia’s guided meditation courses have thankfully given me inner strength, peace and calm. I highly recommend her courses. I now view life from a different perspective. Nadia you and your meditation courses are a blessing. May your inner light touch many souls. Thank you for sharing your gift.

Marisa Di Lisio

Entrepeneur, @ Bella Cosi Cafe

I have attended several of Nadia’s Meditation courses and felt totally entranced and captivated by her delivery and sense of ease.  Her calm demeanor and soft voice will have your worries and tension swept away in no time.  The meditation courses are truly unique and encapsulates Nadia’s soul purpose.

Rita Varelas

Nutritionist @ The Wholesome Nutritionist

Nadia’s soft calming voice, warm soul and insight took me on a journey I didn’t think it would. Nadia has a very gentle and hypnotic way to deliver and communicate her knowledge. This is a gift and skill not many can execute. She is genuine and authentic,

We all need a sacred session!

Michael Di Muzio

Management , @Three Point Mercedes


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The Weight of your Wound

This post may trigger the weight from your wounds. I love feeling the response I have from energy while sitting quietly in my mediation bubble.I love to feel the tingling, the expansion, my awareness meeting an intelligent system that is so willing to meet me, my...

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Archangel Michael speaks!

One of my favourite archangels is the Mighty Archangel Michael.   He is known as a protector. As a mystic, healer and intuitive, I have always been drawn to the non-denominational light and love of the angelic realm. (So much so, I created an angelic meditation...

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Lost in Stress Hallucination!

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