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Hi, I’m Nadia Ciri, My sacred sessions self awareness meditations emerged from the depths of my heart. What began as part of my healing journey from illness and deep grief transformed to an awakening to help others.

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“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us.


I LOVE YOU, When you’re falling don’t be afraid or feel alone. You are never abandoned, you are never failing, and you are always enough. It’s in these moments you are truly held, embraced and guided by the most beautiful beams of love catching you tenderly as you land.

These are the words I would tell myself now as I look back at my journey when the veil of fear, disconnection and loneliness was so thick I was unable to see clearly. I didn’t have the strength or energy to exist let alone think of anything beyond my pain. Discovering the disconnection and loneliness I was feeling was the craving to re unite with myself.

This is what happens when we are met with the most difficult of challenges. Those massive curve balls that side swipe us and never in our wildest dreams do we consider are coming our way.

Causing us to hold on tightly with our grip so firm because we’re so scared to let go.

But guess what? You can let go!

Let go, heal and create a new path.

A new way of ‘being’ from the wisdom of your wounds.

This is why I was called to create self-awareness meditations and healing for others.

I am a mystic, healer and intuitive, the pieces of my story led me here.

Allow your truth to find its voice

What People Are Saying

“I’ve been attending Nadia’s meditation courses for over four years. Initially wanting help with stress levels. Recently suffering severe trauma and very intense anxiety, Nadia’s guided meditation courses have thankfully given me inner strength, peace and calm. I highly recommend her courses. I now view life from a different perspective. Nadia you and your meditation courses are a blessing. May your inner light touch many souls. Thank you for sharing your gift.

Marisa Di Lisio

Entrepeneur, @ Bella Cosi Cafe

I have attended several of Nadia’s Meditation courses and felt totally entranced and captivated by her delivery and sense of ease.  Her calm demeanor and soft voice will have your worries and tension swept away in no time.  The meditation courses are truly unique and encapsulates Nadia’s soul purpose.

Rita Varelas

Nutritionist @ The Wholesome Nutritionist

Nadia’s soft calming voice, warm soul and insight took me on a journey I didn’t think it would. Nadia has a very gentle and hypnotic way to deliver and communicate her knowledge. This is a gift and skill not many can execute. She is genuine and authentic,

We all need a sacred session!

Michael Di Muzio

Management , @Three Point Mercedes


Let there be LIGHT

Let there be LIGHT

LET THERE BE LIGHT! However you’ve found your way here, you’re reading this because you’ve been pulled in the direction of ‘Let there be Light’ Question? Are you in alignment, standing in your pillar of light? Your power? Your continuous abundant supply of light from...

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Corona and The Crown

Corona and The Crown

I’m so happy you stopped by to read this. This corona and the crown message has been brewing in me for a while. I do my best to sit in meditation daily and today I gave myself the time to sit for as long as I needed. I’d already been out for my daily walk, which to me...

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Creative Visualisation

Creative Visualisation

    If you can dream it, you can acheive it. Zig Ziglar   Recently I was listening to a random podcast. A topic of discussion that popped up was around the power of creative visualisation. I could really identify with the discussion and how...

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Just a girl

Just a girl

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” Dr Suess My little girl heart pounded and my little legs moved as fast as they could as they picked up pace. I felt I was being a great contribution to my team. Parts of this description all still so vivid in my mind.I did...

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Angel Wings

Angel Wings

  Are your Angel wings tired?   Even angels must find their wings too heavy sometimes. Helen Van Slyke   Lately I’d been feeling really fatigued, a little overloaded and fuzzy. Although the health of my angel wings was nowhere on my radar. I was lucky...

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The Weight of your Wound

The Weight of your Wound

This post may trigger the weight from your wounds.   I love feeling the response I have from energy while sitting quietly in my mediation bubble. I love to feel the tingling, the expansion, my awareness meeting an intelligent system that is so willing to meet me,...

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